EpikGear –
Bridging the Gap Between
Distributors and Customers

EpikGear is a US and UK based marketing agency that specializes in connecting quality products – or Epik Gear as we like to call it 🙂 – with hungry customers.

About US

EpikGear was founded in 2018 to provide a winning eCommerce solution to manufacturers, distributors and end-consumers.

We have an extensive background in online marketing and our mission is to connect high quality products with hungry consumers.

We provide our customers with the best deals online for popular and emerging high quality retail products through our exclusive relationships using multiple online distribution channels.

Our Strategy

We build direct partnerships with product manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors – and by using proprietary market research software we offer our customers popular and emerging branded goods at competitive prices using various online distribution channels.

Our Brands

We operate in a broad range of markets selling everything from home, garden and kitchen items to high end health products and everything in-between. We don’t discriminate on what we offer and carry many globally recognized brands as well as small mom-and-pop manufacturers who need to find their place in the marketplace. What matters most to us is product quality and customer satisfaction. If its Epik Gear, we sell it.

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